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            what to expect....

...you can expect results!

Chinese Medicine works very well.  

  and my full attention for an hour

The highest standard of  Covid Safe hygiene 

fresh linen    

hot towels in winter 

and  painless single use needles 

in a peaceful garden room   

I may also  use moxa, an ancient chinese herbal heat treatment

great alternative for children

can be used instead of needles

and for pain relief

helps loosen tight muscles


Chinese Herbs can greatly improve the results

and can be like having acupuncture every day

They can be tablets or Herbal Tea.

I  have studied for many years and now have 40 years experience

I practise  'Traditional' Chinese Medicine 

using Acupuncture skilfully

This is not 'Dry Needling' which  is "Acupuncture" done by some practitioners of other modalities after only a weekend course. 

This can be dangerous and is often very painful.

My treatments take an hour and are very relaxing

I suggest you go home afterwards and rest.

Thank you..Kim


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